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Best Neighborhoods to live in Cancun 2024 - REEMAG

Updated: Jan 8

Cancun is one of the most important cities in Mexico, located in the Yucatan Peninsula, known for its beaches of the Caribbean Sea, its airport is one of the main airports in Mexico with international destinations, many of them are direct flights, this makes it to be considered one of the most important airports of Mexico. Cancun is known for its beaches, numerous resorts and nightlife. It is made up of 2 distinct areas: the more traditional downtown area and the Hotel Zone, the coastal strip with high-rise hotels, nightclubs, stores and restaurants. Cancun is also a popular destination for students during the spring university vacation period. Learn about the best areas and neighborhoods to live in Cancun Mexico.

zona hotelera cancún

Zona Hotelera

This area is considered the best area of Cancun, the most popular for investment because it is the one with the highest added value and security. You can also find large luxury apartment towers overlooking the sea and different areas with large and luxurious beachfront homes. The area has several exclusive commercial and residential plazas such as Isla Dorada, Pok Ta Pok and Torres Huitzilin. It also has a privileged location 12 kilometers from Cancun International Airport.

Real Estate

If you decide to invest in real estate, in the area you will find properties from $2,200,000 MXN. While real estate rentals start at $8,000 MXN. These prices are base prices, they can change and be in other currencies, living in this area has a high cost since it is a convention center and a business center.

Having a property in this area is a pleasure since you get views of the Caribbean, landscapes and nature.

puerto cancun residencial

Puerto Cancún

Puerto Cancun focuses on its beach and parks, modern sports, recreational and entertainment facilities in the country. Considered one of the best neighborhoods areas to live in Cancun, from a magnificent golf course, signature restaurants, snack bars, to the most modern virtual golf simulator; a life that only the best clubs in Mexico and the world can dream of.


The club connects your stay and your property to the sea, nature, open spaces and physical activation; gastronomic experiences, clinics and sports academies, as well as countless activities and additional benefits.

Enjoy with your family

Among the benefits of living in Puerto Cancun is the proximity to the sea and downtown. It is one of the best neighborhoods areas to live in Cancun, with private gated communities, golf courses and luxury apartments overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Real Estate

Here you will find properties from $6,150,00 MXN to $923,683 USD in private subdivisions. While apartment rentals range from $20,000 MXN to $50,000 MXN.

isla dorada cancun

Isla Dorada.

The most exclusive Nautical Residential

Isla Dorada is a development north of Cancun, considered one of the best areas to live in Cancun because it has wide internal avenues, nautical canals, marinas, extensive garden areas, gym, spa, tennis courts, paddle, pool and snack bar plus a palapa for events and security 24 hours a day.

lagos del sol cancun

Lagos del Sol

Lagos del Sol has a great variety of residential, condominium and commercial lots in the most exclusive area of Cancun to live.

Lagos del Sol is fully fenced, with controlled access, and has an automated patrol system, interphone and alarm connected directly to each house, so security will no longer be a problem for you and your family.

Lagos del Sol pampers its residents with excellent benefits, such as the Lagos Plus card that includes four memberships. The most famous is Lagos Relax, which provides free access to the exclusive beaches of more than four hotels in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, as well as really low prices for spa services, beauty salons, gyms and rooms to enjoy a relaxing weekend attended by expert hosts.

Real Estate

Lagos del Sol has commercial, condominium and residential lots. The latter from 315 to 1,250 mts2 with frontage on green areas or bodies of water. Close to universities such as Anahuac University, LaSalle University and the Technological University, strategically in the corridor that amalgamates the exit to the Riviera Maya and Cancun's Hotel Zone. Considered one of the safest areas to live in Cancun.

cancun centro

Cancún centro:

This area is divided into superblocks, there are many to choose from and some of them are relatively new and in demand due to its central location as the superblock 15,16, 17,18 and 19.

This area is ideal to live or invest in real estate or in a business, since you will have several strategic points of Cancun nearby, a great variety of transportation routes and competitive prices in new and refurbished properties. In this area you will have a variety of services such as restaurants, bars, offices, hotels, banks, among others. As well as a variety of parks, green areas and gyms.

Real Estate

Here you can buy homes with prices ranging from $280,000 MXN to $6,300,000 MXN. While, real estate rental prices range from $3,100 MXN to $7,498 USD.

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I understand real estate agents in Mexico are unlicensed. Are there US based real estate agencies in Cancun?

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