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Best Neighborhoods to Live in Merida Mexico 2024 - REEMAG

Updated: Jan 8

merida yucatan mexico

The city of Merida is considered the safest city in Mexico. This has favored its growth in recent years and made it an ideal city for investment. Unlike larger cities where the best area to live is characterized by its infrastructure, Merida is characterized unlike other cities in Mexico, where the best neighborhoods to live in Merida are located to the north of the city. The city has expanded towards this cardinal point, creating a real estate boom in the city, we can say that Merida in general is safe, but the north zone is the one with the most development and infrastructure.

The best neighborhoods in Merida to live in are Benito Juarez Norte, Campestre, Montecristo, Montes de Amé, Temozón Norte, Montebello, Colonia México, García Gineres, Zona Paseo Montejo (Zona Centro) as well as the new subdivisions near Altabrisa, such as Cholul and Conkal are among the best options to live in Merida.

1. North Zone

Among the best neighborhoods in Merida México to live in is the north zone, in this area you can find these neighborhoods; Buenavista, Colonia Mexico, Mexico Norte, Benito Juarez Norte, Campestre, Montecristo, Montebello Montes de Amé as well as the new north of Merida such as Temozon Norte, Country-Tamanche, Cholul and Conkal. These last ones with a continuous growth in the last years. Currently you can find a great variety of homes to live in these areas, they are popular because of their increasing capital gain and the fact that the areas are in a continuous growth. These areas are very well connected to the city and close to important places in demand in the city such as shopping malls, Galerias, Harbor, the island, Altabrisa among others.

Real Estate

In the north zone you can find houses in Merida from 1.7 million pesos, as well as luxurious residences of up to 60 million pesos, depending on the neighborhood, zone and type of property you are looking for. The city has a high added value and quality of life, being considered one of the best neighborhoods areas to live in Merida.

2. Downtown

The downtown area of Merida is considered one of the best neighborhoods to live in Merida, the foreign market and investors in commercial properties and Airbnb are the most demanding in downtown Merida. Downtown Merida is an excellent option for those who like a more active life because here you can find many recreational and fun spaces such as galleries, theaters, museums, parks, restaurants and outdoor cafes. In addition, being a highly touristic area you can find tourist modules and tours where they will provide you with information about activities that you and your family can enjoy.

Real Estate

The houses in Merida's downtown are usually colonial houses and are characterized by high ceilings and large patios.

Prices in this area vary, as much depends on the state of preservation of the house, the architecture and size of the house. Here you can find one and two-story houses for sale in Merida from 1.5 million pesos, to old and spacious mansions averaging 30 million pesos.


The west side of Merida is an area of medium growth, mainly made up of subdivisions. It is a good alternative for living in Merida, located and connected to the north of Merida and relatively close to the International Airport. The area is close to other parts of Merida thanks to the new highways that have been built to connect Gran Santa Fe Norte with Dzitya. If your family lives in places like Francisco de Montejo, Pensiones, this is the ideal area for you as you will be 10 minutes away from them.

Real Estate

This area has generated capital gains due to the businesses and services that have been established here such as movie theaters, cafeterias, banks and shopping malls. In addition, there are attractions such as parks and the Animaya bicentennial zoo, shopping malls such as Galerias Merida and Harbor, among others. The best subdivisions in Merida are located in this area, such as Francisco de Montejo and Gran Santa Fe.

In the west of Merida you can find one or two bedroom homes in Merida Yucatan from $800,000 depending on the area, as well as larger 3 or 4 bedroom properties from 1.5 million pesos to 10 million pesos.


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