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Best Cities to Live in Canada 2024

Updated: Jan 8

1. Toronto

Toronto is the multicultural city par excellence. More than half of its residents were not born in Canada and a large part of the city is made up of a conglomerate of residential neighborhoods in which different communities have settled, with their corresponding businesses, restaurants and ways of life. In a walk of a few kilometers we can go from the Greek quarter to the Portuguese quarter, passing through Chinatown, Little Italy or Koreatown. Toronto is a small world in itself that offers us a great cultural, idiomatic and gastronomic richness in a single city. A multicultural cauldron, it is the most important financial center in Canada.

Toronto has a high quality of life. Many times Toronto has been in the top of cities with the best quality of life in the world. To live in Toronto is to live in a modern city, with great job opportunities and a very attractive and diverse offer of studies.

Toronto is the economic center of Canada, many multinationals choose this city to settle due to its innovation and development. The city is a financial and technological center, which makes it very attractive for thousands of students who want to have a more cosmopolitan experience.

Toronto Real Estate

  • Shared room: $500 - $900 CAD per month.

  • Homestay: $700 - $1000 CAD per month.

  • Apartment for yourself: $1600 - $2200 CAD per month.

2. Vancouver

Multiculturalism in Vancouver, Vancouver is considered the new Hollywood, it is considered one of the best cities to live in Canada. In addition to nature, which is already a great incentive, here coexist diverse nationalities, languages, religions and gastronomies.

In general, one of the advantages of living in Canada, especially in Vancouver, is that it is a quiet and safe place for any foreigner. If you choose to live in Vancouver, 52% of Vancouver residents are native speakers of a language other than English.

Vancouver Real Estate

  • Depending on the area you live in and the size of the apartment we give you an average cost of living and real estate in Vancouver.

  • Rent of a furnished apartment: CAD$ 2.141

  • Furnished studio rental: CAD$ 1,429

  • Room in a shared apartment: CAD$ 600 - 1.000


  • Electricity, water and electricity costs for 1 person in an apartment: CAD$ 53

  • Electricity, water and electricity for 1 person in a studio apartment: CAD$ 93

  • Internet 8 mbps: CAD$ 62 per month

3. Montreal

Considered by many the best city to live in Canada, being the second largest city in the country is one of the most important metropolises in the Canadian territory. Montreal is among the 5 best cities in the world to live and work. All this has been possible thanks to its high rates of development and low crime rates.

Besides being a city full of opportunities of all kinds, this destination is the meeting point of many cultures. Here, people of many nationalities live together in peace and harmony. You will find a wide variety of museums and galleries; in addition, the calendar of cultural events is endless and very attractive. Living in Montreal, you will always have something to do besides studying and working.

Montreal is characterized by its high educational level, with interesting programs that allow international students to study and work. English and French are the main languages of this city.

Real Estate in Montreal

In Montreal there are many types of accommodations, designed to meet the demand of all profiles of students, professionals and travelers who wish to live in Montreal, either permanently or temporarily.

  • Studio for 1 person and outside the city center, the price will be about 550$ CAD.

  • If you want to live in a studio in the city center, the price can easily go up to $1000 CAD.

  • A three-bedroom apartment can cost between $1000 CAD and $2000 CAD, depending on the condition of the apartment and where it is located.

4) Quebec City

Québec City and its metropolitan area are bordered by the majestic St. Lawrence River, one of the most important waterways in North America. The territory, which has 765,706 inhabitants, is bathed by dozens of rivers. Québec City is the capital of the province of the same name.


Québec City is characterized by a great variety of economic activity in the public sector, since this city is the capital of the province and concentrates the largest number of governmental and official institutions. However, in recent years the economy of the province has been in a constant effervescence due to the arrival of foreign capital and from other provinces of the country. This has been reflected in the unemployment rate, which is around 3 percent, much lower than the national average.

An exceptional and secure livelihood

Québec City and its metropolitan region are known for their safety. The city has one of the lowest crime rates in North America and was even designated the safest city in Canada for raising children.

Safe, dynamic, innovative, welcoming and vibrant, it enjoys a thriving economy and an unparalleled quality of life. In addition, festivals and events are multiplying and happening at the rhythm of the seasons. Québec City is more than just a city: it is a way of life where every member of the family can find their place and fulfill themselves.

Work and study

Quebec is one of the cities with the best job opportunities, and as in the whole country, it does not lag behind with very high quality educational institutions.

Quebec is a perfect place to study if you are interested in technology, since this industry is growing here and it will be easy to find opportunities after graduation.

5) Calgary

Calgary is considered one of the best cities to live in Canada, noted for its great safety, employment opportunities, multiculturalism, cleanliness and education. Majestic landscapes just a few kilometers away and lots of nightlife full of art, culture and fun.

Calgary is a great alternative when it comes to choosing which city in Canada you want to live in. Calgary is the city in Canada with the most high quality institutions approved by the federal government. In total, in Calgary, there are 42 high quality academic institutions, which are approved by the Calgary government and which allow you to obtain a study permit if you enroll in them.

These institutions cover many fields and areas of study ranging from the most popular ones such as medicine and petroleum engineering to chemical engineering and teaching to philosophy and fashion design.


In the last 10 years, Calgary has become an epicenter of the oil industry in all its stages: extraction, refining, processing and distribution. In fact, many of the multinational oil companies extracting resources from Latin America are headquartered in Calgary.

Cost of Living

Living and studying in Calgary is not as expensive as you might think. In fact, compared to other cities in other provinces, Calgary is an affordable city for both students and newcomer workers.

If you live in a middle-class neighbourhood, commute to work or school by public transportation, cook at home, and have moderate miscellaneous expenses, you can live in Calgary on the money you receive through your 20-hour work week.


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