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Best Neighborhoods to Live in Queretaro 2024 - REEMAG

Updated: Jan 8

Querétaro has distinguished itself, in recent years, for being one of the two states in the country with the highest economic growth dynamics; it has maintained a higher growth rate than the national one, due to the fact that national and transnational companies in the industrial, commercial and service sectors have settled in the state.

Querétaro is distinguished for having non-extreme climates, which are very benign for agriculture. Due to the geography of the state, several of its municipalities have different types of climates, ranging from the driest to the wettest. Of the entity, the municipalities that have a total or partial percentage of dry and/or semi-dry climate.


Located north of the city on the exit to San Luis Potosi is Juriquilla, considered one of the best neighborhoods to live in Queretaro is a residential area known for its quiet atmosphere, its golf course, its lake and its shopping centers. For these reasons, the capital gain here can reach up to 14% per year, making it a profitable location to invest.

Real Estate

Real estate in Juriquilla ranges from 2.5 million pesos to 30 million pesos, offering properties of different sizes and styles depending on your preferences. However, the average home has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a garage for 2 or 3 cars.

Loma Dorada

Very close to Milenio III is Loma Dorada, considered one of the best neighborhoods in Queretaro, it stands out from other residential neighborhoods in Queretaro for the minimalist, contemporary and classic architecture of the houses, in addition to the amazing views that can be seen from Bernardo Quintana, thanks to its location in the highest part of the city.

Life in this subdivision is quiet and ideal for families with small children and landscape lovers.


The area is characterized by having the main accesses to the most important roads, such as Bernardo Quintana, Los Arcos, Zaragoza, Constituyentes, Mexico-Queretaro Highway and the Libramiento Sur Poniente. This location is 5 minutes away from shopping malls, bars, restaurants, hospitals and schools. Downtown and the heart of the city are just 10 minutes away.

Real Estate

The area is considered one of the best neighborhoods to live in Queretaro, it has presented a great avant-garde development in urbanization and design, as well as in integral landscaping. Properties are currently valued between $3 million and $30 million pesos.

The architecture is presented in minimalist, contemporary and classic styles. The finishes on facades and interiors are typical of high-end residences. Spacious spaces, poolrooms, playrooms, jacuzzi, roof gardens and swimming pools accompany and add style to this great experience. Undoubtedly one of the best places to live in Queretaro.


Jurica is another area of Queretaro with high added value, it is considered one of the best neighborhoods to live in Queretaro 2024, it is a place with different tourist attractions. Close to Anillo Vial Fray Junipero Serra and Paseo de la Republica avenues, buying a house in Jurica offers security and comfort in an environment that highlights the modernity of a state intertwined by the colonial era. You will find several restaurants, hotels, the Uptown Mall and sports centers, clubs, as well as churches and convenience stores. It is characterized for being quiet and safe, most of the properties have security systems.

Real Estate

Here you will find country and colonial style homes with three bedrooms and a garage for two or three cars for 2.5 million pesos, as well as luxurious residences with swimming pool, gym and movie theater for up to 20 million pesos.

Cumbres del Lago

Cumbres del Lago is located between Queretaro's northeastern beltway and Lake El Cajon. It is considered one of the best neighborhoods to buy a house in Queretaro if you have children because you will find parks like Palpa Cumbres del Lago or Lago Temático, as well as a variety of restaurants and hotels. Shopping malls such as Plaza Central.

Real Estate

If you want to buy a house in this area, the offer starts at 2 million pesos and goes up to 5 million pesos. Most of them are properties with an average of 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.


Queretaro's downtown is an expression of baroque and neoclassical architecture. Normally the downtown areas of the cities have an endless number of services and attractions such as restaurants, banks, hospitals, schools and museums, among others. This area is connected to the entire city by means of important roads such as Avenida Constituyentes, one of the main arteries of the city that connects from south to north of this great metropolis and that when crossing with Boulevard Bernardo Quintana or Highway 57 allows you to reach San Luis Potosi, Celaya, and Mexico City in a short time.

Real Estate

In the historic center of this beautiful city you will find houses for sale with three bedrooms, four bathrooms and a garage for two cars with an average cost of 3 million pesos, as well as luxurious residences with five bedrooms, more than four bathrooms and even a swimming pool for 13 million pesos.

Millennium III

Milenio III has been the spearhead of urban development in Queretaro City. It is a consolidated community, with housing, commercial, service and recreational spaces so that residents can live their lives without leaving the area. One of the neighborhoods that has experienced the greatest appreciation in recent years, it has modern apartment towers at very good prices, it is a perfectly accessible sustainable development.


Schools, businesses, shopping malls, nightclubs, supermarkets, nightclubs, party rooms, within Milenio III there is everything because it was designed so that its inhabitants can satisfy all their needs within it.

Located in the heart of Queretaro. Only 1.4 kms from the Historic Center.

It has great connectivity thanks to the access to the two most important avenues of the city: Calzada los Arcos (500 meters from Bernardo Quintana) and Prolongación Constituyentes. It also has immediate access to Federal Highway No.57 Mexico-Queretaro.

Real Estate

In this neighborhood you will find lots, macrolots, houses and apartments for sale, lots priced from $4,051 pesos per m2 and apartments from 2.5 million pesos.

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