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Best Neighborhoods to Live in CDMX 2024

Updated: Jan 8

santa fe cdmx

Santa Fé

Santa Fe is one of the most exclusive areas of Mexico City. This is one of the most important financial districts in Mexico, it is one of the safest neighborhoods in the whole country.

Santa Fe is one of the most modern areas in all of Mexico. Some of the buildings here could pass for New York buildings. If you are lucky enough to live on a high floor, the views of the city will be simply breathtaking.

Santa Fe has its own airport, a wide variety of bars and restaurants, and several large shopping malls. The recently inaugurated Parque la Mexicana, with an extension of almost 30 hectares, is what this area was missing to become one of the most pleasant places to live in all of Mexico.

In Santa Fe there are several prestigious universities and colleges. If you want you or your children to have a quality education, living near this area would be a good idea. The best schools you can attend are:

  • Westhill University

  • Universidad Iberoamericana

  • U. Humanitas Campus Santa Fe

  • Eugenio de Mazenod College

  • Pinecrest Institute

  • Lomas Hill College

Real Estate

This part of Mexico City continues to grow steadily with a great architectural proposal. Properties in Santa Fe range from 6.5 to 54 million pesos.

From this average base price, you will have to add the services, adaptations, furniture and other types of facilities that you consider pertinent to be able to inhabit the space.

polanco cdmx


Polanco is one of the best areas to live in Mexico City, with large shopping areas, exclusive restaurants and a large labor force. Nature also has its place in this area, where there are beautiful and well-preserved parks. There are plenty of reasons to want to live in such a place.

Polanco belongs to the Miguel Hidalgo district in CDMX and is considered one of the most exclusive places in Mexico. It has exclusive residential areas, as well as luxurious apartments that are very well priced in the city. All this without mentioning the quality of products offered by the commercial stores and the quality of life.

In Polanco there is a large conglomerate of office complexes belonging to different companies. This becomes a constant source of work with a well remunerated income. But in Polanco there are also many residential areas, which means that it is possible to live close to the workplace.

Real Estate and Capital Gains

One of the great advantages of owning a property in Polanco is related to its value over time. Because the value of the property increases considerably as the years go by, that is to say, it is revalued. This is something that happens in very few places, however, those who live in Polanco know it and take advantage of it.

You can make money with short term rentals in Polanco

Airbnb rentals are in high demand in this area and at a good price, since hotels are more expensive compared to the services that a house or apartment can offer.

In Polanco you can buy an apartment with an average price between 6 million pesos and 47 million pesos, depending on whether it is a house or an apartment.



Coyoacán is one of the 16 delegations that make up CDMX and borders Benito Juárez, Iztapalapa, Xochimilco, Álvaro Obregón and Tlalpan. This area is known for its great cultural diversity and history. Considered one of the best areas to live in CDMX.

Coyoacan is the delegation that contains the main campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Ciudad Universitaria not only houses a world of knowledge, people and diverse, also green areas everywhere or, the University Museum of Contemporary Art, its Sculpture Walk, the National Newspaper Library, the Nezahualcoyotl Hall, the University Olympic Stadium, the spectacular Central Library and the University Cultural Center.

The Anahuacalli Museum of Diego Rivera, the House of Frida Kahlo, the National Center for the Arts, the Elena Garro Cultural Center, the Museum of Interventions, the National Museum of Watercolor, La Capilla Theater, La Titería, the Museum of Leon Trostsky, are also part of Coyoacan and its vast cultural offerings.

Coyoacan is also perfect for those looking to go out at night because there are countless bars, billiard halls and places to dance, for those who like shopping, Coyoacan has more and more options: Plaza Universidad, the first shopping mall in Mexico, is still very attractive, as is Centro Coyoacan, but recently new shopping malls have opened, distinguished by offering restaurants of all kinds of food, movie theaters and other surprises.

Real Estate

If there is something incredible in Coyoacan are its houses, being one of the few delegations of CDMX that still contains an abundant supply of houses for sale, prices here an average investment of 4 million 270 thousand pesos while an apartment is equivalent to investing 2 million 150 thousand pesos.

It is the ideal place to live, both for young people and families, the area has several emblematic places, cobblestone streets and colonial architecture that reflects the history of the neighborhood.

san angel cdmx

San Ángel

In the municipality of Álvaro Obregón we find the neighborhood of San Ángel, delimited by some renowned streets of Mexico City, such is the case of Insurgentes Avenue, which determines the limits of the neighborhood and, also, of the delegation.

Living in San Angel represents an excellent option for all those people who work or commute continuously to the center of the capital or to the south.


This neighborhood is very common to be quiet. Security is a very important aspect to pay attention to when buying a house.

For this reason, the neighborhood of San Angel is recognized for being one of the quietest neighborhoods in Mexico City.

The accesses to recreational areas such as squares, parks and shopping malls are under constant surveillance, and it is also a very quiet place to take those Sunday walks with your family.

In San Angel, the lighting is essential to provide a safe environment at all times of the day. In the neighborhood there is a constant presence of green areas, so they can easily consume the light of public lighting.

For this reason, it was decided to have a street lighting system suitable for this type of circumstances.

Real Estate

San Angel is one of the neighborhoods in the city with the highest increase in the real estate world. It was revealed that the neighborhood appeared in first place with a capital gain of 286.60%, also, the average price per square meter registered an increase in the last two years.

However, the capital gain of the place is also due to its harmonious landscape, as we cannot overlook the amount of green areas that are available at different points of the neighborhood.

As for shopping centers, it offers a wide range, for example: Plaza San Angel, Plaza Loreto, Plaza Grand San Angel, Patio Revolucion, Pabellon AltaVista, among the most prominent.


Although, its educational offer is not only limited to the higher education level, there are also different high schools, secondary schools and prestigious elementary schools.

  • Marillac Institute IAP

  • San Angel University Center

  • Jesus de Urquiaga College I.A.P.

  • Oxford College, Olinca College

  • Federico Froebel School

  • Alexander Bain School

  • Colegio Internacional de México

  • Senda 2000 Fleming School, S.C.

Living in San Angel can be really comfortable, because with its distinctive location, security and amenities will not let you move elsewhere in the city because this feature is one of the points that most favor this neighborhood for those seeking to live in it.

condesa roma cdmx

Roma / Condesa

If you are thinking that it is time to invest in your heritage, a place to live that combines fun, cultural richness, good location and cosmopolitan lifestyle in the Roma and Condesa neighborhoods you will be able to find good options, remember that these areas are among the most popular in Mexico City for its good road connectivity, security and variety of services, which is why it is considered one of the best areas to live in CDMX.

Both neighborhoods are a meeting point that defines the capital, it is a mixture of daily life with tourism, among its streets there are establishments dedicated to gastronomy, fashion and sustainable consumption, so living in any of them can certainly offer many benefits.

The Roma and Condesa neighborhoods are two ideal places to live, even their beauty and iconic streets have inspired famous writers, among them José Emilio Pacheco, who captured the essence of these places in his book Battles in the Desert.

In the case of the Condesa, it is a bohemian and gastronomic neighborhood that was founded during colonial times on the grounds of an old hacienda called Santa María del Arenal, according to the Government of the CDMX in its Tourism Promotion portal.

What to do in Roma and Condesa?

There is another thing that will never be missing in the Roma and Condesa neighborhoods, that is entertainment, living in these places you will have the chance to enjoy its attractions to the fullest, including gastronomy, culture, history and even strong emotions.

In both neighborhoods there are restaurants that satisfy the cravings of any palate, from Mexican, Argentinean, Italian, French and Asian cuisine. The gastronomic corridors that no one can miss are on Tamaulipas and Álvaro Obregón avenues.

If you are one of those who enjoy reading a book accompanied by a good coffee, these neighborhoods are home to cafes and bookstores that mix the best of both worlds, so that after a day's work you can take a well-deserved break full of relaxation before arriving home.

Real Estate

The bohemian area of Roma offers apartments, vertical developments and homes that combine comfort, security and modernity. Among the streets with the highest demand are Chihuahua, Córdoba, Jalapa, Orizaba, Mérida, Puebla, Álvaro Obregón and Baja California. On average, a house costs between 4 and 15 million pesos, and an apartment costs between 2.5 and 4 million pesos.

Capital gains

The value appreciation of the area has increased by 25% in the last five years, due to its central location and road access, as well as the status and lifestyle it offers. You will be able to enjoy services such as schools, some shopping centers, supermarkets, hospitals, recreation centers and transportation. A few steps away there are two Metrobus lines, Ecobici stations and two subway stations.

san rafael cdmx

San Rafael

Living in San Rafael means having a large number of attractions and basic services within reach, something that undoubtedly promotes a good quality of life.


One of the main reasons to live in the San Rafael neighborhood is its location, as it is in the downtown area of Mexico City, so it is surrounded by avenues and means of transportation, making the mobility of its inhabitants much easier.

If you want to live in this neighborhood, you can be sure that your car will not stay in the parking lot, since you have different options of roads to get to work or school, for example, Paseo de la Reforma and Avenida de los Insurgentes.

In addition, if you like sustainable mobility or you are simply one of those people who enjoy exercising, living in this neighborhood will allow you to use a bicycle or electric scooter to travel short distances or move to neighboring neighborhoods.


An area with a lot of history like San Rafael could not do without the cultural part, which is one of the reasons people consider when buying an apartment in the streets of this emblematic neighborhood.

In this sense, it is important to mention the different theaters that nurture the culture of this neighborhood. One of the most famous is the San Rafael Theater, founded on May 15, 1977 by architect Carlos Herrera, who built this venue at the request of his friend, actor Manolo Fábregas.

In fact, another of the theaters in the San Rafael neighborhood bears that name, "Manolo Fábregas", but it is also possible to find the Virginia Fábregas Theater, the Aldama Theater and an open-air theater called Juan Ruíz de Alarcón.

As part of the cultural offerings of this neighborhood, we must not forget the Art Garden, an outdoor space that began to write its history on January 23, 1955, thanks to a group of artists who gathered at this site to exhibit their works.

As time went by, the Art Garden became more and more known, both by the artists who wished to exhibit their works there, and by the inhabitants of the capital, who acquired paintings directly from the hands of their creators.

The importance of this neighborhood is such that UNESCO declared it a "Heritage Zone", so it is a privilege to be one of its inhabitants, to be able to walk around it, visit some of its theaters, stroll through its Art Garden or taste some of its gastronomy.

Real Estate

The San Rafael neighborhood is also positioned as one of the best alternatives for housing investment, with interesting real estate developments. The following figures prove it:

  • Average annual capital gain over the last three years: 11.4%.

  • Variation in real estate transactions 2020: +10%.

  • Average price variation per square meter since the beginning of the year: +1.84%.

In addition, thanks to its proximity to the city center and its attractive offer of parks, gardens and streets with medians, San Rafael adapts very well to the new needs brought about by the pandemic: to live in areas with more options for outdoor living, safety and mobility facilities.


Rents in Colonia San Rafael are still affordable, but have increased as this neighborhood has gained popularity among young people in recent years.

The average rent for a room is $4,800 pesos.

If you work in the central-west area of the city, like to go out on weekends and live a relaxed life surrounded by culture and art, San Rafael is the perfect neighborhood to live in.

narvarte cdmx


Narvarte is considered one of the best places to live in Mexico City.

Gastronomy, gourmet shops, wide streets and green areas are some of the factors that make Narvarte one of the best areas in Mexico to live and invest in.

Narvarte brings together people of diverse cultures and ages. Here you will find young people who see in the neighborhood an excellent opportunity to live quietly and at reasonable prices, and adults who have been there since before its consolidation as a neighborhood, but the most remarkable thing is that without distinction they have formed a community that supports and encourages each other.


This neighborhood, which is part of the Benito Juárez district, has easy access and multiple transportation options. From here you can easily get to downtown, Coyoacán and Roma. There are spaces and options to have fun during the day and at night. Narvarte has parks, shopping malls, cafes, bars and much more.

It is one of the youngest neighborhoods in the city, you can breathe the architectural style of the 40s and 50s, which is mixed with modern functionalist style buildings that have arisen from the process of transformation of urban space as a result of the real estate boom in Narvarte.

Real Estate

The price per square meter in Narvarte is $51,635 pesos, which means that it has increased by 2.38% since the beginning of 2020.

Thus, if you are considering buying a house in a quiet neighborhood with a good profitability perspective, Narvarte could be an excellent option.

The Real Estate Market Report indicated that the price of apartments in the Narvarte neighborhood showed an upward trend.


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