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Best Neighborhoods to Live in Guadalajara Mexico 2024 - REEMAG

Updated: Jan 8


Providencia is one of the safest and most commercial areas to live in Guadalajara, considered one of the best neighborhoods to live in Guadalajara due to its great location, development and value. In Providencia you can rent an apartment from 10 thousand pesos on average.

Due to its proximity to the UAG, it is one of the most sought after areas, since it has the services that every university student needs.

It has the best gastronomic offer, yoga studios, bakery establishments, as well as several cafes and boutique stores around it, so its location is also one of the best in the city. Providencia is a quiet neighborhood north of Guadalajara, ideal for families, university students who want to study or families who want to settle in the city.

The municipality of Guadalajara has a unique beauty that makes it a treasure and delight for those who wish to live there. One of its most commercial areas is Providencia and we tell you the reasons why you should move here.

Real Estate

If you want to rent, the price of its homes is around $10,785 MXN (500 USD) per month with the best and most complete amenities.

Puerta de Hierro

Puerta de Hierro is undoubtedly one of the best quarters in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area and in the western part of the country. A residential business area, belonging to the Metropolitan Zone of Guadalajara, located just minutes from the "Puerta de Hierro" andares shopping center and the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, in a strategic point surrounded by shopping centers, hospitals and universities, is a conglomerate where horizontal and vertical residential spaces of high purchasing power merge, spaces designed as a business district and a luxury shopping center; surrounded by major roads and services such as the Puerta de Hierro Hospital.

Real Estate

Average land prices are over $2,000 per square meter, and apartment prices range from $300,000 to $15,000,000.


The Americana neighborhood is an area that concentrates much of the social life of guadalajara and has a varied offer of properties to choose from. Of all the city, Americana is one of the best neighborhoods in guadalajara to live where there is a balance between daily life, culture and nightlife. Although in recent years it has attracted many young people, it is also home to older adults who have lived there for many years.

It is a financially important neighborhood, you can find offices, offices, notaries and banks in the neighborhood. Along with businesses with different commercial lines of business, the economic activity is constant thanks to its dynamic lifestyle.

Real Estate

The purchase price for a house here is approximately $22,093 MXN per m2; when the average is $15,473 MXN per m2. On the other hand, if you want to buy an apartment then you will need $36,297 MXN per m2; the average is $32,783 MXN per m2.

Chapultepec Country.

The Chapultepec Country neighborhood is located in the municipality of Guadalajara, Jalisco, and covers an area of approximately 15 hectares.

Chapultepec Country is considered one of the best neighborhoods to live in Guadalajara and has an estimated economic output of MXN $370 million per year, of which MXN $180 million corresponds to income generated by households and about MXN $200 million to income from the 51 establishments that operate there.

In addition, an estimated 500 people work in the neighborhood, bringing the total number of residents and workers to 2,000.

Real Estate

When it comes to vertical housing, an apartment in Chapultepec Country rents for 18,000 pesos with an average of 125 m2 of construction. Near the area there is a wide variety of bars and restaurants, as well as offices.


This area is located between the Americana, Obrera and Barrera neighborhoods. In this neighborhood you can find both old buildings and modern developments, and the best thing is that it is a safe place, so you can enjoy and walk with total tranquility day and night.

Having a privileged location, here you will find Mexican designer stores, art galleries, the Museum of the Arts of Guadalajara, a wide variety of restaurants with international cuisine, craft and book markets every weekend. In addition, you will be able to enjoy all the concerts and alternative parties that take place.

Real Estate

If you want to invest in this area, the properties for sale are priced from 3 million to 25 million pesos.


Lafayette is one of the oldest but most modified neighborhoods, it has effective access roads and its architecture is very beautiful. The Lafayette neighborhood represents a notorious difference in its streets and in the architecture of its properties, with respect to the rest of the city, however most of this area is made up of commercial establishments and offices, although there are also some houses.

These houses are very different from those that are built now, among its characteristics predominate the wide walls to isolate the noise and to maintain the freshness to the interior, in addition, the gardens with leafy tabachines, jacarandas and laurels of the Indian inside and outside the farms, all under the seal of the architecture influenced by the Frenchified culture that predominated during the time of the Porfiriato, that even influenced in the name of the colony, in honor to a historical personage of the Gallic country.

Lafayette was the name of today's Chapultepec Avenue, however, after the Mexican Revolution, it was changed as a symbol of nationalism, although the name was preserved in the colony.

Real Estate

The purchase price for a house here is in the approximate amount of $22,093 MXN per m2; when the average is $15,473 MXN per m2. On the other hand, if you want to buy an apartment, you will need $36,297 MXN per m2; the average is $32,783 MXN per m2.


One of the best areas to live in Guadalajara is the Historic Center, here you will have at your disposal the main services and places of interest so you can relax after your workday. We find a beautiful area with many years of history. An area composed of buildings, monuments, parks and squares, built throughout its more than 4 centuries of history.

Public transportation is not a problem, you have connections to different places to keep you in constant movement. There are several companies, so your job growth is an opportunity. In addition, stores, educational institutions, a wide range of real estate and other spaces so you can make a life without problems.


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